The recording of history at Trinity Lutheran Church began on February 6, 1927. Eighty Christians, knowledgeable in the teachings of the Lord within the Lutheran tradition, gathered in a vacant store on Main St. Islip, New York, for of the Triune God. Desiring for that tradition to continue, this first service marked the beginning of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Trinity’s first permanent pastor was installed on July 24, 1927. From then to the present the Lord blessed Trinity with six loving and dedicated pastors, each serving the Lord in his own particular way, but foremost, each proclaiming Christ, and Him Crucified as our Savior.

Currently our expanded staff based on our Mission and Vision statements includes the Pastor’s , the DCE, the Deacons, and all of our members. God’s continuous blessing on Trinity Lutheran Church  is evident in its marvelous growth (numerically, financially, and spiritually) as a truly Christ centered church in the Islip community.

Today, Trinity actively offers many outreach programs to the community, We provide a food pantry to help feed the hungry, sponsor-meeting places for various organizations to help the seemingly insurmountable problems, and most notably we believe in education. Our Vacation Bible School, open to all, often provides the very beginning of Christian education to many community children. The children attending Trinity’s weekly Sunday School learn of God’s love through dedicated and knowledgeable teachers.  Our active Youth ministry leads teens and young adults in Christ centered learning, service, and fellowship.

Trinity also offers many Bible study and growth opportunities for Adults , all centering on our Lord Jesus and His love for us.

Our Monday-Friday  Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool program is widely recognized for its quality early childhood educating centered in a Christian atmosphere.

God never intended that we should build a beautiful church and then sit back and wait for people to come of their own accord. Through the Grace of God, we shall continue to grow, for we “do not grow weary of well doing.” God blesses all who follow His Word.


“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19-20