music noteChoir practice (Thursday @ 7:30) and services we sing at (1st and 3rd Sunday’s @ 8:00, 2nd and 4th @ late service) could be added to calendar as could Contemporary service every 3rd Sunday at 10:00.

Trace, Trinity’s Contemporary Praise Band, plays at Trinity’s Contemporary service every third Sunday at late service. Anyone interested in auditioning for Trace can contact Debra Williams @ 631-804-5189.

Choir, which is directed by Grace Anderson, sings every Sunday at alternating early/late service. Choir practice is every Thursday night @ 7:30. If interested in joining choir, please speak with Grace before or after church.

Bell choir, which is also directed by Grace Anderson, plays at various services through out the year. Those interested in joining the bell choir should speak to Grace before or after church.